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Educating Marketa

A recent article in CRM magazine postulated that marketing professionals have been educated for communications and creative content, but not adequately educated on managing marketing operations. When it comes to CRM automation this is precisely the benefit that the technology brings to the business – improving the ability to manage operations. However, to get the most out of the technology it is still important to have an educated process. Acquiring the ability for campaign automation, while campaign management processes remain immature, will likely lead to little gain.

Beer Rule #9

I have recently encountered several clients that spent considerable sums on marketing automation, bundled with other CRM functionality, which has morphed into virtual shelfware. So, what causes this? It is primarily a factor of believing that campaign automation will autmagically lead to new processes for conducting campaigns. But, when push comes to shove, if you don’t know how to manage a solid campaign, the software won’t do it for you.

Some of the best CRM ROI comes from the ability to target customers with appropriate offers and push leads from these campaigns to the sales organization. Small marketing functions that don’t contain sufficient campaign management skills should seek external help to get campaign processes built. The automation will provide a lot of muscle once this is in place correctly.

Getting campaign management correct can make the difference between a successful CRM program and one that just plods along. It can also help a small marketing function transition from obligatory staff function to strategic business contributor. I think the latter is more desirable

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