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Handheld Miracle Cure

Can you make CRM work for a salesforce on a handheld if you were never able to get them to use CRM in the past? Is a PDA the one factor that will drive adoption when all else failed before? I think this is a pretty interesting question. A few years ago, I would have said that believing that this technological silver bullet will succeed was a mistake. Today I have several clients betting their CRM budget on this one tiny device, and I am going along with it. Am I crazy?

Road to Recovery

I think there are a couple of key reasons to believe this will work. Today, CRM platform vendors, and their partners have made it possible for functionality like SFA to actually function with your two thumbs doing the work. On top of that, the adoption of the PDA as primary communication device is gaining ground. I have clients who have ostensibly stopped traveling with laptops. If tools will work on a Blackberry that make it easier to capture and share customer information than the effort to type an e-mail, they will get used.

It is going to be an interesting experiment. I’ll keep you posted.

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