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Two by Two

I ran across a blog on the SAP blogsite the other day that shared some good ideas for managing change within technology projects. - check it out.

Back Seat Drivers

I use a tool for identifying the change management risks for project work that include similar factors as discussed in the recommended blog above. I’ll share those in another posting. How do you determine what is most critical for addressing? Use a similar tool to audit where you are and forecast what is going to get in the way. Put actions in place to proactively address the suspected issues, but also reactively address as well. Make sure you have consensus about project outcomes with your sponsors. Involve your users to maximize adoption – that kind of thing

Most of the time management commitment is the factor that bites the hardest. Without strong management sponsorship the likelihood for success is poor. In the aforementioned SAP blog it is suggested that the building of the Tower of Babel is history’s first project – although a failed one. I’ll propose that the first project was successful, and it was due to strong executive sponsorship. Go see Evan Almighty for your proof.

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