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Too Much

I had the pleasure of some down time for reading. It was one of those cross country flights from bean town to fog city. Once a year we converge as Larry takes over Howard Street and 40 thousand members of the world’s best IT organizations fill the Moscone.

After getting through a copy of Ski Magazine I switched genres and dove into a techie editorial on EIM. While it was a difficult switch to make from a compelling photo journalistic essay of Sun Valley, I somehow became interested in Enterprise Information Management. Yes, I understand that those of you out there who know me don’t believe that could be true, but it is true, just not for the correct reasons.


But it gets worse. Not only do I read on the plane all about the virtues of bringing together every possible source of data a company could ever hope to generate all into one spot, but then, the opening keynote address the next day at Open World lauds the same exact virtues.

This is really starting to bug me by this point.

So you are all thinking, what is the problem with all of this? The tech industry is finally making some progress to help companies manage their businesses better. Why should I be having difficulty with it all?

I’ll tell you what my problem is. I think ideas like EIM are going to crush my clients who are already struggling with mountains of data that they can’t handle. These businesses have too much information at their fingertips now. This overwhelming amount of data has already reached the point of becoming very loud noise. EIM is going to be a sonic boom.

The problem is that we probably don’t have a choice. This is all coming as progress that we can’t prevent. So, I guess if you can’t beat them, join them. But we are going to join on our own terms.

We need to make sure that all this data does not drown the business – we need to make sure that it nurtures the business instead. This can only be done by turning that data into something that provides both meaning and relevance, filtering out the noise.

Stay tuned for more on achieving meaning and relevance.

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