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Hail To The Chief

We spent the Presidents’ Day holiday week nestled at the base of the Presidential Range, while the presidential race was raging in the sound bites at 11. It all seemed pretty appropriate.

On more than one occasion over the course of the week we went to top of those mountains named after our founding father figures. Most of the time we paid for the privilege to ride to the top in high-speed comfort, but we did scale one of those peaks using shoes made for snow travel.

The journey was good, and we were ready. We had the tools, we had the experience, we had a path, and we had the motivation to get to the top. At times we considered turning around and going back.

But we kept going. The driver was the reward at the end of the journey (we actually had a few reward expectations – a really nice view, a sense of accomplishment, and a strong desire to see where the path actually went). Some times I had to convince my climbing partner to keep going, using colorful reminders of the expected rewards.

The journey required effort, which we were not in complete understanding of at the beginning. Once again, we did not truly know where the path went, but we bet on the fact that it would lead to the desired rewards.

You might see where this is all going by now – CRM sure is like scaling a mountain – the ends justify the means. The preparation for the journey was significant, with a number of factors driving the success:

- get clear on the end-state and keep it clearly in mind;
- set expectations with all involved using a path or plan;
- get agreement to make the effort, even with some unknowns; and
- be ready for the journey with the right resources.

It was a very rewarding journey.


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