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Keep Going

I guess the lesson from Super Sunday is that perfection is an illusive target. There are obstructions that are certain to get in the way, not the least of which is yourself. When you fall short of such an ambitious endeavor it is pretty hard to feel satisfied with coming close.

Many of my clients began CRM journeys with expectations just as outrageous. Coming up short was a bitter pill to swallow for most of them. In sports you get to take off six months and start over the next season, probably with some changes to the team. Business folks go back to work on Monday morning.

Setting goals and working toward them each month and each quarter is our business. When we don’t achieve the targets we adjust, work harder, sometimes set different goals, sometimes identify different actions. Setting reasonable expectations is part of the key to success. To not lose is probably not a great expectation.

If you don’t achieve what you are looking for within your CRM program, keep going. Look back at times, if it provides some insight. But, most of all, keep moving toward the goal. The journey is worth it.

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