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If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Paris

It was one of those trips. 12 days, 6 hotels, 5 Countries. They happen on a regular basis. Cross the big pond and visit as many clients as the sales reps can squeeze in. This was a particularly rough version of the usual excursion with irritable customs agents, 5:00 AM taxis, and food poisoning. But I catch myself whining, which is not my intention here.

The interesting part was the client visits. As it turns out, if you go to London, where a dinner costs as much as my parents’ mortgage payment, you will hear about the same thing you hear in Pittsburgh, something about needing to generate leads. Rotterdam conversations sound just like those in Boston, better ways to get management alignment. What I have heard in Chicago previously, discussions around leveraging the web for CRM, has resemblances to conversations while just in Dublin. We got the same stuff going on at each side of the Atlantic.

Customers demand the same things. We all have customers and we all have to do similar things to be successful with them. It was a hard set of travel days, especially the food poisoning (and from a client’s cafeteria, too!), but it was an affirming set of client visits. It feels like we are making progress out there

By following the best practices that have been established over the last decade and standing by the principles that have been built repeatedly from effective CRM programs, I believe we can replicate success across borders and time zones. Although, a translator can be helpful at times - some Dutch terms just don’t convert to English easily.


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