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Whipped Cream on Meatballs

I don’t know if it has to be all or nothing. Why can’t you have whipped cream on meatballs, Seth?

Can traditional marketing concepts live in peaceful coexistence with new marketing and the 2.0 era?

What happens if you have customers that live in both worlds? Viral videos on U-tube are viewed by a few senior citizens (my brother sends me URL’s all the time), but I also believe those same senior citizens are influenced by traditional marketing campaigns more.


OK, this is all about Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out Of Sync?, the newest from Seth Godin. It has had some pretty positive press since being released right at the turn of the year. Plus, if it was written by Seth Godin, it must to be the hottest sage advice to be followed by faithful new marketeers.

But I am not swayed all the way to abandon the sundaes yet. Meatballs are old fashioned business in the metaphorical world and the sweet appealing ice cream is representative of the new ways our internet-fueled universe has enabled marketing to be performed (especially to certain market segments). No value system driving the metaphor, just the facts mam.

Supposedly you have to revamp your old stodgy marketing function if you want to play in the new marketing sand box. That is the part I don’t swallow – I must have choked on the cherry or the nuts. Yes, of course you must embrace new marketing principles. I am beating on my clients every day of the week to build better web channel strategies. But I don’t think you have to rewrite everything else. This is a baby and bath water situation.

The web is a channel. It is a growing channel. For a few businesses it is the only channel. But the far majority of companies being run on the face of our planet rely on more than one channel, and the web strategy needs to integrate with those, not necessarily the other way around.

I believe it is fine to have a web strategy that integrates with a more traditional direct mail strategy. Two channels are better than one. Having two channels that are well integrated is even better. Go build your web strategy and connect it to how you reach your customers with standard campaigns, partners, and your field force. Think about how web impressions can enhance the other channels. But don’t feel like you are a Luddite just because you still want sales people to talk to customers live.

Hold the chocolate, I’ll take Worcestershire Sauce over my whipped cream

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