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I finally got the boat in this week, early enough in the weekend to actually enjoy it for a few hours. It is truly amazing how many variables have to work out each boating season in order to have the vessel afloat rather than in dry dock.

There is the mooring that has to be inspected and then placed on the shore at low tide. Then there are the eleven dock sections that have to go onto the flatbed one at a time, in order, hauled to the launch, and motored into place – God willing and the tide is right. Next, the dinghy and its motor have to be put in working order, which was quite a to do this spring. Of course there is the boat itself – unwrapping the winter cover, chasing out the squirrels, getting things cleaned up. And up to this point we have not even started up the engine to see if it is going to cooperate one more year.

One of these items chooses not to cooperate and it becomes a set back that will ruin the goal of being out on the water for a sunny Sunday afternoon. It takes a lot of perseverance and faith that everything is going to fall into place and the plans one has made for guests out on the boat will be realized. But, to pull it off you have to go forward with confidence otherwise that sunny Sunday afternoon is going to happen without you. Each portion of the plan has to be attended to with the expectation and confidence that all the other elements will also pull through.

Snow Boat

Managing a CRM program requires this same confidence. You have to believe once your plan is in place and your gears are in motion that each of the elements will come together. You have to trust your process and you have to trust your team. You have to move everything forward.

He who hesitates is lost.

Being overly cautious to avoid a risk and causing a delay may prove more costly than moving forward with confidence and making an error, especially when consistently over cautious. Needing to get the messaging just right can make you miss a milestone. Getting absolutely everyone’s input can lead to a watered down product. Attempting to boil the ocean by including each and every requirement may lead to nothing accomplished.

Set out with a goal. Build your plan. Trust your process. Adjust with the feedback. Keep moving forward, the rewards are wonderful.

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