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Fried Pickles

Last week was another first for me. Yes, I had my inaugural taste of fried pickles. Perhaps some of you out there have no experience with this culinary oddity, while some of you might wonder how it is possible that a person with nearly half a century on this planet could have gone so long without such a staple in their diet.

The concept of a fried pickle had never occurred to me. What is most strange is that it is a food item that has been doubly processed. First, the cucumber goes through the pickling, which is typically the end of the road. But, the fried pickle then goes through the whole batter and fry process, an extra set of steps for something that is already supposed to be ready for consumption.

I have run into other food items like this. The chocolate frosted glazed donut comes to mind. Again, this is an ingestible product that has gone through a preparation twice. I always wonder about these – are the glazed donuts stale, so they add the extra chocolate topping to make them appealing again?

Did these fried pickles follow a similar path? Did the vinegar and garlic wear out causing them to require a cooking process as a form of second sterilization? Is this a lipstick on a pig situation – covering up something that is not quite right with something that is a superficial betterment?

Of course you figured out where this is all leading. How many CRM systems have been deep fried in an attempt to make them more appealing? We get asked all the time to get involved with this. The CRM system does not satisfy anybody, but if we just layered an extra topping of analytics it would be just fine. Or is this is a situation where we are deep frying the CRM system with even more capability such as adding lead scoring to an already good lead management.

So, you might ask, was the deep fried pickle good? Actually, it was really good. Just like enhancing lead management with lead scoring is good. But, that situation starts out with an already good lead management capability. Too many times I see the stale glazed donut with a request for adding chocolate in an attempt to improve it.

Admittedly the metaphor gets a bit weak here, so give me some journalistic license. If your CRM system is like a stale glazed donut, please don’t expect that a chocolate topping of analytics or any other pleasant distraction will make it less stale. You have to fix the donut, not disguise it. In the case of the stale donut you simply start over with a fresh donut and cut your losses. This may not be the case with your CRM system. You might not have to put it in the trash compacter – it is likely improvable. But, the point is, don’t try to cover up the problem with a superficial improvement. Fix the problem, and then add more capability.

Enjoy those pickles.

Manneken Pis Choco


I'll take the fried pickle one step further. I like them with ranch dressing, but I'd wager that a lot other people want something else. And they'd may even like to try a few different dippings before choosing one. A good CRM stategy may have to allow fro the same. It allows customers to decide what they want, and how they want to interact with your company, on their own terms.

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