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Resisting Innovation

On my way to a customer last week while nicely making way through mid-day traffic, I noticed out of my side window another wind turbine had popped up. We don’t have that many in New England so they still make a strong impression when first appearing in a new location. Seeing the large white blades cycling through the blue sky got me thinking about all those folks who are against this form of green energy.

What was so glaring about this situation on that ride into Boston was the looming ugly smoke stacks towering over the power plant just less than a mile from the wind turbine. While I understand that the good people of London have a fond feeling toward their iconic Battersea smoke stacks (partially due to them gracing the front of a Pink Floyd album cover) I don’t think anybody around our parts are particularly fond of sour moke stacks. They serve to represent destruction. However, it does not seem that much energy goes into complaining about their presence. On the other hand, a wind turbine, which represents symbiosis, somehow creates all sorts of consternation.

What is up with that? This means of powering homes and businesses does not destroy our planet. It is nearly free. And I personally find the towers far more aesthetically pleasing than old brick spires that belch toxins into our air. Do these people really think we are going to hurt birds or fish? Come on, man! (sorry ESPN).

With that rant out of the way, I have to make the same observation about many of the client organizations I work with. I am mortified at the number of folks who want to hold onto their old clunky technology because they have a misguided belief that it will be better than the new, updated technology planned to support their business. Perhaps the old software fits like an old shoe, and the new software will need some breaking in. Never mind that the old shoe is causing a bunion.

Most of the new CRM software platforms today are much friendlier to the business, just like wind turbines and our Mother Earth. Typically the new technology costs less to operate, provides better individual benefits, and has the potential for much greater business benefits. It is possible there will be a trade off or two. Yes, the old clunky system probably has some customization that will be lost. But, there is a good chance that the process that has been automated by that customization is old and clunky too. It very well may be that the inherent processes built within the software are better. If it will only be given it a chance.

Yes, there is a trade off with wind turbines. They are large, and they will change the landscape they are erected within. I am fine with seeing them out my window overlooking the North Atlantic. I will accept that trade off against what the alternative is. I wish more people would take this attitude both with this new form of renewable energy and with their new CRM software.

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